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Pamela J. Andersen

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)

Signed with Platinum Planet Music, Inc., singer/songwriter, Pamela J. Andersen, writes songs with a message to inspire and bless.



Believable Picnic
Alternative group Believable Picnic has had many hits on Christian radio. They have also had a #1 video.



Dustin Belt

(LITA Music)

Actor/songwriter/artist, Dustin Belt, is best known as a founding member of the pop duo, Heffron Drive and as the touring guitarist for the Nickelodeon/Sony boy band, "Big Time Rush."  In between filming in Hollywood, he writes progressive AC, R&B and Lite Rock.  Lita Music represents his catalog.


Britain Bennett

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Britain Bennett is multi-talented, as a model she was named a Jovani Ambassador and has held several titles on the pageant circuit.  She is also an accomplished community activist having created her "TBH" Anti-Bullying Campaign featuring her anti-bullying song released on Platinum Planet Records.



Katie Boeck




Earl Bosworth

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Songwriter, Earl Bosworth, is in touch with the music scene in South Florida.  He plays bass and guitar.



Angel Carr

Singer/songwriter, Angel Carr from Georgia, is a powerful co-writer for our team. At the Atlanta SFTPI Songwriting Camp, she was one of the highlights. 


Joey Daniel Carr


Carolyn Cogswell

(ABET International Music Group)

Lyricist, Carolyn Cogswell, is a very important member of the worship songwriting team.



(ABET International Music Group)
West Virginia native, Constance, writes pop, country, R&B, and gospel music for ABET International Music Group. Everybody from comedian Bill Engvall (Warner Brothers) and The McKameys to Jimmy Fortune and Lee Anna McGuire have recorded her songs.


Gayle Cox
(LITA Music)

Texas songwriter, Gayle Cox, is one of Southern Gospel's finest. Everybody from The Kingsmen and The Kingdom Heirs to The Martins have cut her songs.


Rebecca Crownover
(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)

Rebecca Crownover of Irving, Texas is signed to Platinum Planet Music, Inc.  Our team will be backing her up on writing songs for her projects as well as others.  She is a multi-faceted creator and there is no telling where all her songs will be licensed.  Her energy, integrity, and fortitude is inspiring to this world.  She is a leader already in the film industry and as an author.  She is an Amazon Best Seller & Award Winning Children's Book Author and on March 13 there is a movie coming out entitled "My Daddy Is In Heaven" that's based on one of her books which is based around the true story of her life. 


Jada Daves

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

A dynamic full-time speaker and mom and a part-time writer, Jada Davis, is a strong theme-based writer.  She is a founding member of the Be Still Get Real company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her daughter starred in Alan Jackson's "I Still Like Bologna" video. 


Sam DeTone
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Sam DeTone is the house engineer at our studios.  She is also a drummer, photographer and writes country, pop, rock, reggae, etc.


Sandy Dickson

(Tourmaline Music, Inc.)
Lyricist, Sandy Dickson had cuts with us years ago and has come back into our fold.  We're excited to have her as part of our team again.


Darcy Donavan
Los Angeles actress/songwriter/singer, Darcy Donavan, writes country and pop material and can be seen anywhere from CMT videos to your local movie house.


Jeremy Duff



Todd Dunford

(Tourmaline Music)

Virginia artist/songwriter, Todd Dunford, loves to create traditional country songs. His songs are currently being heard in many countries.


Stephanie Eagle
Stephanie Eagle is a contemporary/country Christian artist from West Virginia.


Jack Eason
(LITA Music)

From Spartanburg, South Carolina, Jack Eason is an artist/songwriter who is the lead vocalist/acoustic player for the band, Jupiter Wind.


Rich Fehle
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Rich Fehle is a dedicated live performing songwriter from Pennsylvania and writes country and R&B.


Tracey Ferrara
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

All the way from England...Now living in Miami is the beautiful actress/model/songwriter Tracey Ferrara.  She is a strong lyricist with a very strong future at Platinum Planet Music, Inc.  She writes in several music genres...R&B, Pop, Blues, Alternative, Gospel, Rock and Roll to Reggae.


Angelina Ferrari
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Singer/songwriter/actress from Pegram, Tennessee.


David Flavin

(Macon Golden Music)
Macon Golden Music songwriter, David Flavin of Minnesota is a strong kingdom writer of music for the church. In addition to being a very accomplished musician and worship leader he can catch the fish.


Staci Frenes
(LITA Music)

California's Staci Frenes is a classic writer/artist who sings contemporary Christian music. She also has access to some serious sourdough bread.


Joel Funkhouser
Oregon songwriter/singer Joel Funkhouser is an excellent creator of worship and praise songs for the church.


Hal Gibbs

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Nashville songwriter Hal Gibbs is a lyrical songwriter and actor.  He has been on 10 different episodes just of the Nashville show as well as many other shows, projects, and commercials.


Daron Glenn

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

AC/Rock singer/songwriter Daron Glenn is an asset in the studio.  He is a passionate artist with a high energy voice.



Chelsea Hacker

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Model, actress, singer and songwriter from Alabama, Chelsea Hacker is a small town girl with big dreams and the talent to fulfill them all.  She is also a cousin of Elvis Presley.


Joey Hancock
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Award-winning author, Joey Hancock is also a comedian and songwriter for Platinum Planet Music, Inc.  His first comedy CD, Thinkin' Man is garnering attention around the world.  He was recently inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame.


Solveig Henderson
Norwegian artist, Solveig Henderson, is a very dynamic worship singer/songwriter who can be seen on TBN. She is also an excellent fisherwoman.


Kevin Herrin
Kevin Herrin of Texas is a passionate R&B worship leader. He not only writes gospel music, he can crank out a cool country tune or R&B ballad.


Dan Hogan


Sally Hollenbach
Sally Hollenbach from Ohio is an inspirational songwriter who sings in a duet group with her husband, Grant.


Matt Hubbell
(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Matt Hubbell is a radio personality/actor.  After moving to Nashville, the first song he co-wrote wound up being in a movie the same week!


Michael Hunter

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)
This Tennessee music man, Michael Hunter, writes R&B, pop, and gospel music. 


Janet Ivey
(LITA Music)

Janet Ivey is a singer/writer/actress in Nashville, Tennessee, who is the creator of Janet's Planet. She writes pop, country and gospel music.


(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Nashville singer/songwriter, Jericho is a very gifted songwriter ready to go all over Nashville and other places to be successful as a songwriter.


Whitni Johnson

(ABET International Music Group)

Artist/songwriter, Whitni Johnson, signed to ABET International Music Group.  She hails from Quitman, Mississippi.




Amanda Kinner

(ABET International Music Group)

Amanda Kinner, artist/songwriter signed to ABET International Music Group.  She is a fantastic worship singer and leader!



Robin Krive

(LITA Music)
Robin Krive is well known in the Miami area and is soon to be well known in the international music community. Her passion is songwriting and singing.



(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)
Mississippi-born Kyndl is a tremendous smooth R&B artist/songwriter for Platinum Planet Music, Inc.


Bill McCorvey

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)
Bill McCorvey, known as the lead singer of the group Pirates of the Mississippi, has an extensive country catalog with Platinum Planet Music, Inc. In his younger years, he was an Alabama wrestling state champion.



Lee Anna McGuire

(Platinum Planet Music Inc.)

Platinum Planet Music Inc., is pleased to represent a portion of singer/songwriter, Lee Anna McGuire's catalog. Visit PlatinumPlanetRecords.com for more information on this great artist.  She is the reason that Platinum Planet Records was formed!


Christina Lee Metzgar

(LITA Music)

LITA Music's Christina Lee Metzgar is a gospel songwriter focused on worship and praise.


Mary Meyer

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)

Nashville songwriter Mary Meyer is a songwriter and actress.  She has been in several movies and has been in many shows, projects and commercials over the years.


Nancy Mills
Nancy Mills of Texas is a writer of inspirational music. She sings and plays a lot of gospel material with The Mills Family.


Jeff Moody
We are proud to represent a quality catalog of worship songs that the late Jeff Moody co-wrote for Tourmaline Music, Inc.  He was an artist on Word Records.


Gary Ray Moore


Laura Moore

(ABET International Music Group)
Lyricist, Laura Moore was the host writer for Oak Island Songwriting Camp.  She's been writing gospel, country, pop and reggae.


Armond Morales

(LITA Music)
Singer Armond Morales is the founding bass singer of the 8-time Grammy-winning group, The Imperials. In addition to writing for LITA Music, he has also served as a talent scout for Songs For The Planet, Inc.


Joshua Morningstar

(ABET International Music Group)
Joshua Morningstar is a national touring singer/songwriter. Recently opened five shows for Chris Stapleton and went on tour with Shooter Jennings.  He is the hardest working songwriter on the road.


Randy Neely

(ABET International Music Group)
Randy Neely is a songwriter from Quitman, Mississippi who is writing pop, country & gospel material for ABET International Music Group.


Kirsten Nielsen

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)

Kirsten Nielsen is a student at Lee University and is a new blossoming songwriter who has been writing worship, country, reggae, jazz, and pop songs.


Ben Peters
(Ben Peters Music)

Ben Peters wrote 14 No. 1 country hits, including the Grammy-winning "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" by Charley Pride, "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" by Freddy Fender and "Daytime Friends" by Kenny Rogers.



Jackson Peters

(Justin Peters Music)

Jackson Peters is the son of Songs For The Planet President/CEO Justin Peters.  After Justin bought him a Martin guitar, Jackson followed the family tradition and began writing worship songs!


Nicole Randall
(LITA Music)

Nicole Randall of Kansas is a beautiful crooner of gospel music who writes exclusively for LITA Music.


Stephanie Rabus

(ABET International Music Group)

Artist/songwriter, Stephanie Rabus, is an amazing country singer and has opened for Emerson Drive, Bryan White and Toby Keith.  She has also toured with Georgette Jones and has been a recording artist for Platinum Planet Records.



Marita Ray
(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)
R&B Songwriter, Marita Ray, is an incredible addition to Platinum Planet Music, Inc.


Carol Jean Robinson
Iowa songwriter Carol Jean Robinson is a creator of worship songs for the church.


Sage Schiller
Sage Schiller writes country, rock and gospel songs and also serves as agent in four states for our company.  She was the writer host for our first ever songwriting camp in Montana.


Steven Rupe

(ABET International Music Group)
Steven Rupe is "Lucky Dog" of The Dogwood Brothers writing trio. He has performed over 20 times on the Grand Ole Opry. 



Tommy Stillwell

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)
Blues singer/songwriter, Tommy Stillwell, is now a member of The Beat Daddy's which recorded for Waldoxy Records (a division of Malaco Records). He previously worked in the power blues/rock trio, The Hellcats. 


Tiffany Sweeley

(ABET International Music Group)

R&B worship singer, book author and actress, Tiffany Sweeley is also an ordained minister.


These Five Down
These Five Down are an alternative Christian band who have shared the same stage with P.O.D. They have had several #1 Christian rock songs.


Juli Tapken


Christie Thompson
(LITA Music)

Christie Thompson of Kentucky is signed with LITA Music and is one of the leading songwriters on our team.  You will probably see a suitcase in the room if you ever get the chance to co-write with her.  She comes prepared.  Click here to read more...


Bryce Timmons

(Platinum Planet Music, Inc.)

Bryce Timmons, a talented songwriter, writes beautiful worship music with his favorite Taylor guitar!


Jackson Young

(ABET International Music Group)

Actor/Songwriter/Artist, Jackson Young, recorded at the historic SoundShop Studios with some of Nashville's best musicians, resulting in his debut project, The First Sessions.